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Now Available At Bi-Mart
Now Available At Bi-Mart

Don’t be caught off guard! Be prepared with Greasweep® Rice Hull Ash

Hazardous waste is defined as a liquid, solid or sludge waste that contains properties that are dangerous or potentially harmful to human health or environment, use  Greasweep® Rice Hull Ash Super Absorbent for Emergency Spill Clean-up.

Do not leave oil, transmission fluid and other toxic chemicals exposed to your children and animals. Greasweep® can quickly absorb more than 3-times the amount of competitor absorbents. Greasweep’s Rice Hull Ash Technology makes it the best product for absorbing the worst spills.

Keep Greasweep® handy for all the little (and big) spills in life.

Natural and Safe Oil Absorbent – Rice Hull Ash Technology

Sweep Up The Grease With Greasweep®! Our Products Also Remove:

  • Paint

  • Brake fluid

  • Transmission fluid
  • Bodily Fluids
  • Chemicals
  • Motor Oil/Existing Stains

  • Food (Liquid/Semi-liquid)

  • Vegetable Oils
  • Antifreeze
  • … and much more

Facility Maintenance at Arrowhead Travel Plaza.  Bob we have experienced such an improvement with the use of your Green Sweep product. Just the quality in its self would enough for us to have made the change to your product, but we are using less to do the same job, with better results. With a truck fueling side with 8 large bays, and 14 auto fueling stations, we surely have put Green Sweep through the test. Just thankful to have a product that holds up to the standards that we have set in trying to always have the finest of fuel destinations.  Thank you !! Dewy.

Dewy McBride, Facility Maintenance at Arrowhead Travel Plaza

My wife and I bought a little fixer-upper in Florida that has a nice carport that clearly had a car sitting there for years leaking all kinds of fluids onto the concrete pad. We tried to clean it up with shop towels that we could toss in the trash and it seemed to be okay but as the days went on, my wife realized that we were tracking all of that oil and grease into our house turning which was our floors black. She was tired of mopping three times a day and asked that I find something to pull up all of those old fluids. That’s when I found Greasweep!! One bag of this plant-based, non-toxic product was all it took to fix this problem for good. Actually, less than one bag…I still have about a third of the bag left. We followed the directions on the bag. Quite simple. We didn’t even have deck brushes, we just used old brooms to scrub the area, and let me tell you, we were both quite pleasantly surprised with the results!! This pad doesn’t look brand new, but it definitely isn’t holding any old chemicals anymore and it’s not being tracked into the house on our shoes!! Happy wife = Happy life. Get this stuff. Use it. And tell others about it!! Thanks Bob for an awesome, safe, environmentally friendly product!!

Jason Cremeans , Business Development Executive | National Event Publications

Recommended for use in the following industries and services:




– Gas Stations
– Service Stations
– Machine Shops
– Car Washes
– Car Dealerships
– Truck Stops
– Paint and Body Shops




– Construction firms
– Rubbish & Refuse Companies
– Race Tracks
– Manufacturing
– Painters
– Mining Facilities
– Pipeline & Storage Facilities

Commercial & Institutions


Commercial & Institutions

– Hospitals
– Schools
– Commercial Kitchens
– Supermarkets
– Breweries & Wineries
– Airports
– Retail Stores




– HAZMAT Response teams
– Fire Departments
– Police Departments
– Military Bases
– Education Institutions
– Water Utilities
– Electric Utilities



Cover spill with Greasweep®…

Use a stiff broom and work it back and forth…

Properly dispose of absorbent.


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