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Useful Hints About Greasweep®


When cleaning up a paint spill, speed is most important. If the paint has begun to dry, use a paint thinner for oil based and water for water based to re-wet the spill. Then follow the normal how to use instructions. A medium to stiff bristle broom is recommended for this application.

Petroleum Products, Hydraulic, Brake, Transmission fluid and Motor Oil

Follow normal how to use instructions. Greasweep® becomes saturated when you can no longer see any white powder. If Greasweep® turns to a paste, remove the top coat and reapply Greasweep®.

Motor Oil/Existing Stains

Re-wet the stain with a de-greaser, work in with a broom. Immediately follow normal instructions. Repeat until stain is mostly removed.



This is probably a multi-step process. The first step is to remove what you can. Then reapply and continue until grease is absorbed. If Greasweep® turns to paste, remove top coat and reapply. If spill is large try the back of a garden rake or similar tool and this may help cut into the spill easier.


Use normal drop and sweep procedure.

Food (Both Liquid and Semi-liquid)

Greasweep® will absorb Karo syrup, jams, jellies, peanut butter, vegetable oils, egg, mayonnaise, soft drinks, and juices. For all spills containing glass from the broken container, apply Greasweep® and work your broom in a circular pattern, then sweep up the glass and the absorbed liquid at the same time.

Bodily Fluids

Works very fast on bodily fluids as well as helps to diminish the odor associated with vomit, urine, and blood.


Greasweep® Super Absorbent is a non-selective absorbent.


·  Aircraft Manufacturers
·  Airlines
·  Airports
·  Amusement Parks
·  Apartment Complexes
·  Army Bases
·  Auto Repair Industry (dealers, brake, repair, transmission, radiator, muffler, paint and body shops, etc.)
·  Cities and Municipalities
·  Construction Firms
·  Contractors
·  Fire Departments, HAZMAT (hazardous material) response teams and HazMat handlers
·  Food Packers / Manufacturers
·  Gas Stations  ·  Government Facilities
·  Hospitals and other health care facilities
·  Hotels
·  Machine Shops
·  Maintenance Contractors
·  Meat Packing House
·  Manufacturing (factories) of all sorts (auto, aircraft, chemical engine, ink, heavy equipment, paint, etc.)

·  Manufacturing (factories) of all sorts (auto, aircraft, chemical engine, ink, heavy equipment, paint, etc.)
·  Mining Facilities
·  Mortuaries
·  Naval Bases
·  Oil Re claimers
·  Paperboard Manufacturers
·  Petrochemical Industry (refineries, pipelines, storage facilities, tankers) 
·  Printers
·  Race Tracks
·  Resorts
·  Restaurants
·  Rubbish/Refuse Companies
·  Schools
·  Ship Builders and Repair Facilities
·  Supermarkets
·  Transportation (airports, railways, bus lines, shipping lines, trucking companies).
·  Utilities (nuclear/hydro-electric plants)
·  Vehicle Maintenance Facilities. Any companies with vehicle fleets
·  Wineries
·  Zoos


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